Zion Pentecostal Mission - Vision is to spread the true gospel to the world and make people get ready for the Second Comming of JESUS.

All Churches and All Denominations Messages | Songs Will Upload as soon as possible.

you can also reach us on - tpmzion92@gmail.com

Kindly Note: Zion Pentecostal Mission is Only Promote Valuable Messages from Varies Saints of God. we do not promote false teachings like hyper-grace and misleading messages.

ZPM is Not Run By The Pentecostal Mission.

Millions of People are blessed through this ZPM youTube Ministry. we already reached 17.3 Million views and more million peoples throughout the world.

Information: We do this Ministry only for the Sake of God Name. Not Ours. Kindly Support with Your Prayers for Zion Pentecostal Mission online Ministry.

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